One of the most intense, stressful things that can happen in someone's life is to find out a loved one is in the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  When our loved ones are seriously sick or injured, we can only hope that the best of the best are caring for them. Critical care nurses are the angels of the hospital.  They care for patients where life is sometimes hanging on by a thread. It takes an extraordinary nurse to care for someone at their weakness

Aim of course:

This course aims at providing the doctorate candidates with the advances in the field critical care nursing to improve the critical care delivery service

This course aim to provide counseling and health education to various groups. It is necessary to equip people, families, and communities with the skills that will empower them and enable them to lead healthy lives. Master program provide the community with nurse graduates who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes pertinent to health education to raise people’s health awareness and change their knowledge, attitudes, and health behaviors.

This course aims at acquiring the postgraduate candidates with knowledge, skills and attitude related to new trends in nursing in various settings to influence the quality of nursing activities through integrating new trends in nursing administration.

This course aims to orient the doctorate degree nursing students with the new trends in the medical-surgical nursing to provide comprehensive and skillful nursing management for patients with alteration in different body system.

The main objective of family planning course is to deepen student's understanding of reproduction problems to qualify them to respond effectively within the context of their professional nursing roles to these problems.