Help for professors

Course Home Page

By default, a Moodle course page is divided into three columns. The sides contain blocks and the center contains sections.
This is the blank page of a new course.

The side columns of a Moodle page contain blocks. The Navigation and Administration blocks are required, but other blocks are optional. Most blocks update dynamically with information about the course. For example, blocks such as Calendar and Upcoming Events update when date-based activities are added to the course.
Blocks can be minimized using the Minus Icon (), moved around the block sections using the Move Icon () and stacked on the left side of the screen using the Dock Icon ().
The central column of the course page is divided into Sections where your course content and activities are shown. Inside the sections of your course page, you will put links to Resources (files, web links, folders, etc.), and Activities (discussion forums, assignments, quizzes, etc.). Labels (a type of Resource) can be used to add text and images to sections.
To edit Section names, click Turn editing on (at top right), then click onEdit (at top of section) and select Edit Settings from the drop down. This will open the Section settings page.